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DoddleBags are made to make your life a doddle. Easy, clean and portable. Unzip- fill- zip and go. Try them for any number of uses again and again. Use your creativity and liberate yourself.


DoddleBags are the ultimate reusable food travel pouch. Use them for smoothies, food, liquids. At 100ml they are perfect for travelling. Use the spoon attachment for easy baby weaning on the go and the brush attachment for mess free painting.

The ultimate 100ml re-usable food & travel pouch

This is one of the best things I’ve seen for a very long time...
— Michael Butler

Fill them with purees, smoothies, yoghurts, baby food, even jelly!

They are perfect for on the go, they are leak proof, have anti-choke caps and are dishwasher and freezer safe. They are simply amazing and I have been a bit blown away by them.


Attach the DoddleSpoon. Say goodbye to carrying plastic containers, bowls & mess.

I want to feed my little one with minimal fuss and mess
— Emma- Bristol


Use 100ml DoddleBags for your travel liquids and leave all the bottles behind.

I want to reduce the amount of luggage I have when I travel
— Ray- London


Attach the DoddleBrush. Make painting fun again!

I love painting with the kids, but it’s so messy, and I hate washing out pots full of paint.
— Flora- Manchester

What are they saying about us !

We really liked DoddleBags’ colourful design and most of all, the fact that, once you are past the point of needing them for baby food, the bags can be used for poster paints or glue with the addition of the DoddleBrush.
Lots of messy fun ahead.
These DoddleBags have expert sealing technology to prevent leakages and are compact enough to fit into a small handbag. Once the contents is consumed, obviously they are even smaller!
... taking the DoddleBags range into our collection was an instant decision. These multi-functional refillable pouches have a whole host of applications from using as travel drink pouches through to using as paint pouches.